Did you know, the Peony flower is by far one of the most popular and sought after flowers? Perhaps because they have such a short season they feel more special, or perhaps it’s because their little buds unfold into the biggest, blowsiest of dramatic blooms. Like all years, I’d really like to make the most of them…

My first delivery of peonies of the arrived into my hands last week from one of my chosen Dutch wholesalers. I ordered a variety called Peony Odile, which begins as a creamy bud and opens into a blushy explosion with a pink stripe in the centre. This alongside Catherina Fontjin, with its candy pink marshmallow ruffles made for a pretty picture amongst Solomon Seal and Rannunculous grown in Lincolnshire.

I’m grateful for the Peony, as they never fail to add a wow factor to any floral work. Last week was no exception as I delivered a floral demonstration and workshop to a local flower club. Seated in a horseshow arrangement amongst nearly 30 members, I lead the group to created arrangements, in a ‘contemporary’ style.

I encouraged the members of the group to consider working without plastic floral foam, demonstrating that a bowl of water filled with chicken wire, taped in place can provide a successful sustainable mechanic. One week later at home, my demo Peonies continue to bloom beautifully on our windowsill.

Here’s some feedback I received about the workshop:

“So lovely to meet you at last and a huge THANK YOU for the lovely workshop you did for us yesterday. I have spoken to quite a few people this morning and every one of them said how lovely it was, how generous you were with the fabulous flowers and how it was good to be out of their comfort zone and try something new…the flowers you provided are gorgeous”

This week I am hoping that some of the English varieties will join me for a Wedding job. All this is weather dependant of course, and the sun has been shining for longer at last after what feels like quite a chilly Spring. The Wedding project I talk about here has been in the planning for around 18 months. (It’s never too early to think about Wedding Flowers!)

Amongst the order sheets, emails, and schedules I am starting to see how the flowers will come together. Peonies will be the stars of the show, amongst their fellow English Grown friends yet to be picked. I really enjoy mixing unassuming English garden flowers, with show stopping statement blooms.

If all this sounds rather picturesque, and you’d like to get some snips out to have a play with flowers, I am hosting a Create your Own Peony Bowl Workshop on Thursday 23rd May.  It’s easy to book by following the link to my event brite page.

The workshop will include all the flowers materials and you’ll need to create a stunning arrangement to take home. I will also get my baking hat on and make some sweet treats to keep the creative juices flowing.  At my last workshop, double chocolate brownies sprinkled with edible flowers went down very well!

As always, to keep up to date with all things Sarah Guild Floral Design, you can find regular updates on my Instagram page, and Facebook too.