Most of the florists in the land have recovered from cupids arrow, and are in major planning mode for Mothering Sunday which is just around the corner on 10th March.

Lots of you know that I am a Mother of three children and often joke that indeed being a ‘Mother’ is my real job. So when it comes to Mother’s Day Flowers, I’m often in two minds about whether to work over the weekend or celebrate with my own family.

This year, I’m hoping to do both! It’s hard to ignore the hype around this special day. My social media feeds are filled with special offers, cupcakes, and plentiful offers for deals. Commerce aside when I really think about it, the things I like most for Mothering Sunday is to be able to spend time with my loved ones, perhaps enjoy a quiet cup of something in the morning and for the house to be filled with Spring Flowers!

So I’m planning to make a limited number of super fresh, flowers not to be found in any supermarket Hand-tied bouquets – it’s easy to order Flowers via the link to my kofi shop. For special orders for things like living Spring wreaths or memorial hearts please message me via facebook or Instagram. Bouquets should be collected either on Friday 8th or Saturday 9th of March.

The flowers will be ‘florists choice’ this allows me the flexibility to choose seasonal, beautiful, and super fresh flowers for the bouquets. I can find out which flowers are on a special offer at the wholesalers, and make sure my clients get the best and most better flowers for your investment.

Many of you may know already, that flowers like this need to collected from my workshop by appointment. Arranging to collect flowers, instead of popping into a shop may feel like a bit of an effort, but I promise, going the extra mile to shop local really does make a difference to the product you get!

Each bouquet is hand wrapped with care and attention to detail. The flowers are kept fresh in water in the workshop until the point of collection. They’ll last well and make someone feel very special. More blogs soon promise.

Sending lots of love to all,

Sarah x