January can feel like a long month, but I’m reassured that lighter evenings and longer days are in sight as messages of love and heart shapes fill our shops. For a Florist, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to get back in tune with the seasons and fill the workshop will flowers. Roses are beautiful but not entirely seasonal, so I often choose to include bulb flowers like Ranunculous, Tulips and Narcissi (or fancy daffs!) in my bouquets.

Over the past few years, Valentine’s Day has fallen over Half Term, which has meant that my focus has been on my children, rather than business. This year, I’m choosing both and providing the orders come through I’ll be making beautiful bouquets to celebrate love.

The notion of Self-love is now considered by lots of people an essential activity for living well. Working with flowers connect us to the season and take us away from our everyday lives. What better way to nurture yourself than to find a way to be creative? I’m so happy to see flurries of bookings already for the Create your Own Valentines Flowers Bouquet Workshop on Monday 12th February. The workshop will take place at the Wickham Centre, and will be a gathering of like-minded people all wanting to create something beautiful to take home. At the of writing there are just two spaces left.

Now it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a bit of mystery, so I have just opened my order book for Hand-tied bouquets for collection. I particularly love it when previous SGFD Grooms message me asking for Flowers in the first few years of their marriage. I always remember the ‘recipe’ for each Bridal Bouquet I make and see it’s a special mission to see if I can replicate some of the flowers, or indeed colours from a Wedding palette if given the freedom make flowers with a Florist’s choice.

Most of you know that I don’t own a shop and work from home. So orders for bouquets should be made via my Kofi Shop before Friday 9th Feb, arrangements can then be made to collect flowers. Most often on ‘Valentines Day Eve’ or during the day itself works. I’m excited to make some beautiful bouquets in the name of love.

As always you can find the links and probably more information via my facebook page: @sarahguildflowers or Instagram page @sgfloraldesign.

Sarah x