Autumn wreath thoughts and walks

As the season’s changed, it seems only yesterday that I said at the beginning of the year that I’d write more blogs. But for the last few weeks, I’ve been working with actual flowers, rather than talking about them. This feels like a good balance!

Quite a lot feels good at the moment, even despite world events and I think that’s because after a bit of time off I’m inspired again by the season. Autumn is not naturally my favourite – however, this year I am ready for it. I’m ready for soups, cardigans and a change in colour… for berries and jams, and making our kitchen feel like the Bramley Hedge Store. I have been moving on from summer, collecting cosy craft projects and books to keep us all going through the Winter.

Along with the collection of bits and pieces, I have vowed to continue to get outside and keep appreciating the season. Last night we wrapped up, and went for a walk and kicked the leaves about. Some were going soggy but others were just on move, floating down to the floor. We found some beautiful mushrooms popping up in the grass, and collected Acorns to make dye for my Ribbons (another project!). It’s all there if you’re looking for it.

This all reminded me of my workshop floor at the moment, it’s scattered with eucalyptus leaves… and one of my favourites: MOSS. There’s something grounding and earthy about this. It forms the base for my handmade wreaths – Autumn, Christmas or Spring. The natural moist nature of this stuff helps keep the leaves and berries etc., hydrated and they really last for ages if kept slightly damp with water spray or light rain shower.

I like the idea of a wreath still living, a circle of life on your door, welcoming people to your home – smiling at passers-by and celebrating the amazing gifts nature has to offer for this season. I’ve been asked by so many of you recently, to make my flowers and hand-made wreaths for available to order. So I’m trying out a ko-fi shop, a sort of teaser for Christmas. If you’d like to order an Autumn Wreath I’ll be making them to order until mid-November. If you return the moss ring to me, I’ll convert it to Christmas for you in December.  Now there’s another new idea, alongside opening up my workshop as a sort of pre-order shop on the 2nd Friday of every month. The next one is going to be Friday 13th November, lucky for some.

In a seasonal flurry, I’ll also be sharing my floristry skills at locally at workshops – face to face ones are planned at The Yoga Shed as follows: Autumn Hand-Tied Bouquets, Christmas Wreaths Thursday 3rd December 1pm-3:30pm , Friday 4th December 10am-12:30pm & 1-3:30pm.

Lots of my clients would rather stay in at the moment, so I’ll be putting together Make your own Christmas Wreath Kits to order, alongside hosting how to / chats over zoom. Drop me an email or follow this link to purchase I’d love you to join me.

Thanks for getting this far, with lots of love and flowers.

Sarah x