On this classic Autumn day, with a bit of sun, a lot of leaves on the ground I’m sitting at our kitchen table bowl of soup of hand to write a blog about the second episode of my The Flowers over the Wall Podcast featuring fabulous Claire from The Reflexology Barn.

What’s Reflexology got to do with flowers you might say… I’m going to tell you as I have been lucky enough to get to know Claire through the most wonderful local group called Free Range Women in Business.

A talented creator, Claire has trained as an aromatherapist alongside building The Reflexology Barn so she can provide her clients with a tool kit off well-being treatments to help her clients. In the Podcast, we talked about how this combination of works as well as how our brains responds when we catch the scent of an essential oil.

One of my favourite moments in the Podcast is when Claire and I talked about how floral essential oils are made – and in particular the huge quantities of petals need to distil pure Rose Oil. Now I don’t want to give too much away but if you love flowers, are interested in self-care and beautiful handmade products then this is the episode for you.

You can find the Podcast by Searching Flowers over the Wall Podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts or via this link: Listen to the Podcast.

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With lots of love and flowers,

Sarah x