When I started to mention the idea that I might start Podcast to friends the response was really positive… then I mentioned it on my SGFD facebook page and the response was incredible! Over lockdown, I have been listening to more and more Podcasts at home; and I just keep thinking that this would be a super cool thing to do.

I love talking to people and one of my favourite parts of the Wedding side of my business is the consultation, a special meeting where we share ideas, dreams and talk flowers. While out running one day I starting wondering whether it would be possible to record a conversion a bit like this; I thought about the wonderful moments I’ve spent with clients sharing memories and a combined vision. Perhaps a Podcast could be a way to capture this, share it, and build a community?

The idea for the name came about in a similar way, as I chatted to Lisa aka Iris Hill Art in the garden, mid-conversation as I spoke about another flowery idea she said “that’s it, that’s the name…” and so this project has become the Flowers over the Wall Podcast. My aspiration is that the podcast will be an easy listen, a tonic for the mind. I’d like it to feel like a frivolous diversion from the everyday into the holistic world of flowers and creativity. My guests will be carefully curated; and will share a passion for all things floral. 

For new clients here, launching a Podcast may seem like a bit of a diversion from creating Wedding Flowers; but there are many reasons behind this business pivot. The harder and the longer I work on my business – the more I realise that I am a flower expert – I’d like to find a way to share my knowledge with the wider world and lift others up. Anecdotally, I’m finding that we all need something like this at the moment.

While I’m writing about how things are, it would be strange not to mention that the Wedding Industry is at the time of writing this in a bit of a state of flux, and if I am honest, most of my eggs are in that basket. I have worked so very hard on my business, and I am not about to just stop and wait for all this to go away. I want to use the time I have to do something to strengthen the work I have done already productively and creatively.

If you’re curious, and have found me there already I have been slowly beginning to build a following over on facebook and on Instagram. My ambition for my Podcast is to build on my existing flowery community, to showcase some awesome people I know, and talk about how flowers can benefit our everyday lives. I really hope this will cross pollinate into my styling work, and give me the flex to explore some new areas – possibly food and drink, wellbeing and beauty – who knows!

So keep your fingers crossed this idea works and has legs, do join me along the way over on Instagram and facebook where you’ll find out when launch date will be and who will be my first guest. All will be revealed!

Sarah x

Sarah Guild Floral Design