Even though I have worked around cameras for most of my working life, the idea of being in front of the camera sometimes doesn’t appeal to me! Some days, I feel super confident and record Instagram stories at the drop of a hat, and on other days I overthink things, loose confidence and take a series of terrible chin enhancing bloopers that never see the light of day.

Early last year, I found the perfect solution. My lovely industry friend Katie aka KNbrandphotographer  whizzed over to the cottage for an hour or so with her camera and mega talent. Having worked with Katie on photoshoots quite a bit, I didn’t need to explain my brand values too much. But if I had of done, I would’ve said that Sarah Guild Floral Design was friendly, informal, quietly confident and purposely a little bit rustic around the edges.

It was Spring at the time, so I happened to have a stash of lovely scented Hyacinths about in the workshop, and had been experimenting with bunches of Olive branches to create some garlanding. I talked through all this on the day, and showed Katie around. She soon made me feel really comfortable, making me laugh so I felt relaxed and normal. It didn’t feel like I was on a brand photoshoot (whatever that feels like!)

We laughed the most about whether I’d be able to get my children to eat a delicious cauliflower for supper that evening… if you’re wondering they didn’t and they ended up expertly extracting it out of their mac cheese that evening… excellent pincer grip for those in the know!

After the shoot, Katie sent over a set of files with the photographs. I was really excited to see them. Apparently, without too much photo shopping (!) Katie captured me smiling and working with flowers – both in the house, on a little walk, and in the workshop. These are my most natural habitats. I have used these pictures for adverts, business postcards and right here on my website. They have been peppered into my Instagram and Facebook posts, and also get the most likes – sometimes even more than a peony!

If you’re thinking about organising some content for your social media, need some photos for a website, then I’d really recommend chatting to Katie… my final top tip is wear your favourite clothes. My most worn blue stripey jumper is now famous in certain circles!

Sarah x