As a florist, my friends and family often assume that I spend my days surrounding by flowers – the truth is yes, I always have them the house, but not often at my desk. This is about to change! My clients are often surprised by how much time their florist spends at a desk planning projects, working through excel sheets, costings and planning logistics.

My preference at work would always be to be outside in my workshop, layers of clothing snipping and working the flowers. So I need to make my inside space feel as good as my outside space. Not everyone may feel this way but there may be something to think about here – do we work better if we like where we are?

When my diary allows, I like to regularly check in with a Hampshire networking group called Free Range Women in Business organised by fabulous Jane Cooke. At the last meeting, I happened to sit next to Alison Marlowe. We talking about working at home, running our businesses and a few life hacks to find balance, Alison told me she always kept flowers at her desk. This triggered a clear memory of a ‘younger Sarah’ looking across a busy open plan office in London noticing a vase of yellow and red Tulips arranged by my boss at the time. I remember thinking that it was lovely that she had flowers at her desk, and how much nicer it must feel to work there rather than at mine with was then decorated with empty tea cups.  

We all know that spending time outside, gardening or just noticing the change in seasons is unquestionably good for our well-being. Graham Allcott who wrote How to Be a Productivity Ninja (one of my favourite reads!) is a great believer that spending time outside and or rewarding yourself with outside time nurtures you to feel good and therefore ‘work good’. So maybe if we bring the outside in, we bring some of the cheer inside, we feel more valued and therefore feel better. We may even start look forward to ‘going to work’ more if our environment is better.  

Ralph Waldo Emerson said ‘The Earth Laughs in Flowers’ , and I quite agree with him. Flowers can make us smile and connect us with the outside; they remind us that there is life away from our desk however much we do or don’t want to be there.  

As I type this, I’m thinking of launching a desk flowers subscription service within easy delivery of Wickham or some of the groups I visit in Hampshire. What do you think? I’d love to know.

Sarah x

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