I’ve always had a keen interest in flowers and design – my work before floristry and family had a lot to do with branding and styling. So I guess it comes quite naturally as long as I follow a style I love.

When I switched careers and trained as a florist, I remember a particular lesson about form and texture. A sentence my teacher said resonated with me, it was ‘this kind of makes it look like a butterfly can fly over it’. I have this in mind whenever I make anything… I like flowers to look at home, like they are amongst friends.

So to design and make a bouquet, I think about how each flower may grow plus its shape and size, texture and style. Part of thinking involves foliage – this helps shape the bouquet and get the round and natural style that I like.  

All of the flowers I use are sourced from only the best wholesalers – whether it’s one that imports its flowers from Holland, or a British Flower Farm just down the road in Hampshire. Seasons are important, as is conditioning the flowers in such a way so they last. These are the bits you don’t always see. Just in the way, that I choose foliage’s and flowers with scent to wow each collection.

I’m often asked where I draw inspiration for my flowers; and the answer is everywhere. A walk along the Meon Valley Trail could do it, or following some of the incredibly talented flowery folk out there. Here a few wonderful accounts I follow with total admiration: Flowerona & Under the Floral Spell, Winchester Talent Jenni Bloom, London Florists Rebel Rebel.

And…finally, the packaging – wherever possible I keep plastic minimal, and let the flowers to the singing. I love brown paper, ribbons raffia and have added little wooden tags to my recipe collection. Those who follow me on Instagram or have been to one of my workshops will know how much I love finishing off everything with my logo stamp designed by Frankie and made by The English Stamp Company.

All details about my most recent work and workshops can be found on my facebook page!

With lots of love and Flowers

Sarah xx