It’s been my birthday this week and I’ve genuinely been overwhelmed by lovely wishes from friends and colleagues I’ve met since living in Hampshire. Starting my flower business has meant so much more than drawing a wage, at the centre of it is a network of wonderful people who inspire, support and cheer-lead from afar.

I think possibly, Facebook and Instagram have a lot to with this feeling of community and I wonder without virtual networks how easy it would be start up a business and have the kind of portfolio careers talked about so much these days? The juggle between running SGFD and our family genuinely keeps me bobbin along in all the times, not just the euphoric ones when I’m dancing about in a field of flowers!

In a moment of procrastination where I really should be running through my matrix of a to do list, I’ve found myself jotting down a few (possibly insightful or possibly silly) things that have made me feel fuzzy and grateful in my Birthday week:

  • Flowers in, on and inside everything!
  • A husband who baked a Lime, Pistachio and Rose Water Birthday Cake
  • Going to Soft Play with my three littles; wibbly wobbly slides and ketchup covered faces etc.
  • Cowshed… all of it especially some ‘Slippery Cow’ Hand Cream it smells so good
  • A good hair cut; generous inches chopped and lightened at lovely Sage last week 
  • Handwritten & handmade cards by the children in our world one said in pink scribble ‘aunty Sarah you shine like a star’ *wipes tears*
  • Re-discovering my pink lava lamp from teenage days
  • The potential of our new National Trust membership card
  • Pinterest… completely and terribly addicted again after a bit of a break
  • Realising that when the children feed porridge to the cat they are sharing unprompted  
  • Space to write this very blog, a morning coffee… I like mine with LOADS of milk

Right; now I’ve shared these little nuggets I better get back to it … but I’ll make a another coffee first!

Lots of love and flowers

Sarah xx