Looking back at my Wedding Flower portfolio over the summer; and I’m beginning to see a bit of a trend… flowers are jumping off the centre of your tables and finding their way along archways, creeping along table spaces, growing out of pews and chairs – you only need to spend a minute on Pinterest to find a hedgerow corridor or floral framed table plan.

But the question is; do you need it all? Often not, but my take on these trends is that quite rightly, everyone planning a wedding wants to make their day unique, whether that’s with wild foliage or clean lines – making a bit of a splash about what you like helps to build the atmosphere for your day.

Back in the day when I worked in events and broadcast, we spent a fair bit of time thinking about the brand and the look and feel of a set or events space. The way the space flowed and what angles people would view things from. The style of decoration made so much difference to how the experience felt on the ground, but most importantly this shapes an atmosphere both live and afterwards as an image or film.

When I’m thinking about a Wedding Flower brief, particularly one with a venue install, I’m often looking for at the space, walking through in my mind where the flow of people will be, where will you actually take your vows, where will lots photos be taken? Other things to consider are, where will the cake go, where will your guests stand for their welcome drinks, what will your guests be looking at when their enjoying the wedding breakfast? That’s where you want your flowers! Add props and styling if you like but I’d encourage you to put them in areas that will be seen, celebrated and enjoyed by you and your guests. If you have a good photographer, all this will be captured for you to enjoy long after your Wedding Day.

Over the years I have also built up a brilliant little black book of Wedding Suppliers and contacts which I’d be happy to share if we meet for a consultation, it’s easy to contact me via facebook, Instagram and email.

With love and flowers

Sarah x