It’s beginning of February, for me the last month has been all about Weddings – consultations, quotes and planning the flowers! Often people ask me how a wedding consultation works; the truth is everyone is different so I play things by ear a bit. Listening and learning about the couple getting married is really important – it’s their day.

At a consultation is a florist’s chance to make a good impression but much more importantly to find out what’s planned for wedding day; who the key players are and how to create the right look and feel to ensure the day truly special. I have a creative mind so I like to build up a picture of how the day will run – and what the atmosphere might be like. I tend to jot down keywords as they are said; these often appear in my quotes for example ‘playful, relaxed with pops of colour’.

It’s rare for a couple or bride to have an exact idea for what they’d like (although this would be fine!) Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration; I confess that I really enjoy the challenge to identify each flower I see in a picture!! I’m always keen to see collated ideas boards and scrapbooks. Lots of my clients can be overwhelmed by the variety of options available to them – this is ok and it’s our job to help streamline.

In all of my work, I like to be true to my style (hopefully!) friendly, informal and relaxed. I invite couples to meet in a café or our cottage. Leafing through Wedding magazines and cake is encouraged!! One of my favourite places is Off Beet in Wickham, if only so I can drink a coconut milk latte or two.

Most brides often tell me that planning their flowers is the fun bit, I quite agree and love the bit when we can pour over pictures and talk colours, seasons and styles. I really LOVE getting a sneak peak of THE dress.  It’s such an honour to play a small part in planning such a special day.

If you’re getting married, I have made note of a few things to think about when planning your wedding flowers:

– What’s your season; can you celebrate the time of year through your choice of flowers?
– Would you like your flowers to be scented?
– What colours are you drawn to?
– Would you like your flowers to be loose, rustic, smooth, textured, smart or wild?
– Are you interested to hear where your flowers will come from; could they be British grown?
– Can you think of a few words to describe how you would like your flowers to feel?

Your flowers have the potential to bring everything together – whether you have a lot or just a few. I often find myself saying say that you don’t have to have everything, but the things you do have should be beautiful. A top florist (do you know one?!) can help you with this.

I have some space left in my diary for 2018 weddings; please email me if you’d like to arrange a consultation. I have started to take bookings for 2019. I can wait to get started!

Sarah x