As a busy Mum of three, wife, and self-employed florist one of my big challenges in life is to get the balance right for all of us. For our family it’s always a juggle, there’s always so much to do and think about. We can’t do it all on our own and without being very conscious of it we have built up a family and tribe who help us out – by doing listening or just being on the end of the phone. We are fortunate and grateful to have friendly local shops nearby, good neighbours and are building a ‘matrix’ of childcare which allows us a bit of flex to work and get stuff done.

Running my own business is such a challenge at times, but as you know I wouldn’t do anything else. I work the business to fit around our family life. For me working is a part of my taking time for self-care. Working with flowers, noticing the seasons, being outside, writing here and there and meeting great people are just a few of the things that bring joy and job satisfaction to me. The compromise is knowing that I’m always responsible for what I make or create or say, that wedding flowers are a huge deal and have to be just right – remembering that there’s always an email or message to reply to or accounts to log in the evening often when everyone else is asleep.

Especially as I often work in the evening when the family day comes to an end winding down to get to sleep (whether I get woken up in the night by one of my three or not) is essential. My latest read, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert sparked a little bit of a revelation. That self-care and creativity are inter-linked. While I was getting ready this morning I was thinking about the work I had to do today, what’s happening next month, what to have for supper tonight, and the list goes on. As I checked my Instagram feed, I messaged Simone who runs Eliza Rose Shop to see if she was up for me hosting a Self-Care Valentines Flowers workshop. The answer was YES. I’m happy that a fellow business person is so supportive and up for trying things new.

The feedback we get about our workshops is often so good – our flowery friends seem to love taking some time out from every day to learn something new, relax. Creating a beautiful thing to take home can remind us what we’ve learned, who we’ve met and what we’ve achieved. If you like to give it a go or arrange a place on the workshop as a gift you can book in here. There are some beautiful flowers in season at the moment – and they don’t have to be red!